Lotic’s services are focused in two areas: 1) Water Rights Marketing and 2) Water Marketing Communications. The common theme between the two is MARKETING. 

Water Rights Marketing

Our water rights philosophy is simple. We believe water rights are assets and focus on maximizing their value. To achieve this mission, we provide the following services:

  1. Due Diligence- define the validity and marketability of existing water rights
  2. Market Assessment- depict market opportunities for water rights
  3. Asset Management- develop water right plans to maximize future values
  4. Brokerage – consultation on water transactions
  5. Valuations – calculate water right values
  6. Banking- develop water markets to facilitate transactions
  7. Mitigation- source needed water rights to offset new demand
  8. Ecosystem Services- reallocation of water rights to meet ecosystem service demands and needs

Water Rights Analysis, Market Analysis, Marketing Plans, Acquisition Plans, Valuations, Brokerage, Water Bank Development, Ecosystem Service Plans, and Mitigation Plans.


Water Marketing Communications

Our water marketing communication philosophy is based on a messaging strategy that has survived the test of time: a story. It has become obvious to us, that while practitioners in the world of water are great at doing the work, they’re not great at packaging their successes to reach their target mark. Enjoying this work, we began providing these services. This process generally includes one or all of the following 7 steps.

  1. Determine a Baseline. The initial phase of the project includes developing a baseline for the appropriate content creation and messaging. Lotic establishes this baseline through an assortment of market research, interviews, surveys and other data collection methodologies.
  2. Story Creation. Lotic analyzes the data collected in the baseline and aligns this with story structures that matches the values and worldviews of the target market.
  3. Identify Marketing Channels. Utilizing the baseline  provided or collected in step 1, Lotic establishes the marketing channels with the greatest reach and positioning for the intended message. Today, this primarily focuses on digital media strategies (web development, blogs, social media), but traditional event marketing and print media are not forgotten.
  4. Content Creation. Lotic takes the selected story lines identified in step two and develops content. This content creation will include, articles, images, interviews, videos, infographics, and other means of disseminating the message to the target market.
  5. Promotion of Content. Lotic positions the content created in various marketing channels to develop multiple touch points that resonate with the target market. The channels and frequency of touch points are project specific. 
  6. Assessment of Objectives. Using the baseline developed in step one, Lotic assesses the success of the marketing communication strategies. This work  includes analysis of web analytics, surveys of  target markets, and interviews.
  7. Keep Hammering. Then Lotic executes this process again, and again, and again…..

Marketing Communications Plans, Market Research, Web Development, Web Design, Digital Media Plans, Digital Media Creation, Story Analysis, Market Segmentation.