About the Company


Lotic is a WATER MARKETING Company, based in Missoula, Montana. Yes, we know what you’re thinking. Hmm… Water Marketing? That seems awfully broad. You’re correct. The truth remains we’ve cast a wide net in the niche of marketing WATER.  A net that has covered 18 states and over 50 projects. Honestly, we enjoy the variety that each of these new projects bring. Lotic’s primary focus is water rights marketing and water marketing communications.

1. Water Rights Marketing. Our water rights marketing services pertain to all aspects of buying and selling water rights. We believe water trading solves growing water shortage problems and our work focuses on water transactions and these emerging water markets.

2. Water Marketing Communications. Practitioners that work in the world of water are great at creating success, and not so great at telling these success stories. The primary vehicle for our communication work is a simple story. No more, no less. Although, it’s the story structure and digital marketing channels we orchestrate, that allows these stories to spread.


About Chris Corbin

The  founder of  Lotic is Chris Corbin. He has pursued life on the simple advice of “do what you love.” Chris’s undergraduate degree in water resource management (fly fishing) and Masters in Business Administration (MBA) provided the foundations for a career of water marketing. This education in conjunction with additional experience as a project manager at the Montana Water Trust, a water right specialist at PBS&J, and a guerilla marketer at Big Sky Brewing Company, led him to pursue an entrepreneurial vision for Lotic. When Chris is not working with water, he can be found wading in water with a fly rod in his hand and a golden retriever at his side.

Chris also works with up to ten associates depending on project scope and location, hence the “we” found in the copy on this website. The associates’ expertise includes: GIS, finance, economics, policy, law, and administration.